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Kung Pao

This song is by Brad Paisley and appears on the album Mud on the Tires (2003).

-- No music or lyrics just spoken --

The what?
(BRAD) The kung pao buffet buckeroos
Kung Pao
(BRAD) Yeah... It's Chinese
The Kung cow
(BRAD) The Kung Pao
(BRAD) The Kung Pao Buffet
The Kung Cow (Kung Pao)
(BRAD) The Kung Cow all right
The Kung Pao Buckeroos Cafe' (Buffet)
Tune in next time
(BRAD) For the adventures of
For the adventures of
(BRAD) The Kung Pao Buckeroo Buffet
The Kung Pao Buffaroo Campaign
LOL LOL (Campaign Buffet)
(BRAD) Buffet
Let me do, let me do that line over again
Can I do it
(BRAD) Yeah, yeah
The Kung Cow (Kung Pao)
The Kung
What the hells a matter with me
Just that, that it's Chinese
Just, just a minute
Kung Pao
The Kung Cow
The Kung Pao Buckeroo Buffet ... LOL

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