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Puppy Love

This song is by Bow Wow and appears on the album Beware of Dog (2000).

F/ Jagged Edge and JD
[JD](Jagged Edge)
Je y'all
[Lil Bow Wow](JD)
Yo I'm looking for girls
(Bow Wow)
Girls that can give me puppy love
Ya know?
(He, he yeah)
Yeah it's going down right here
West coast rock on
(Come on)
East coast rock on
(Come on)
Dirty South rock on
(Come on, come on, come on)
All young girls beware
This pup's off the chains
I'm gritty little something here
Putting down pain
Since I was six
Running with the pound
It's been going down
I'm city to city, town to town
They running up screaming my name
Running up grabbing my chain
Running up tryna get in the game
I'm like ma don't get it twisted
If we kick it get your bark on
Hope to God you see me again, when I'm grown
Type of playa but it ain't
It just sounds like that

'Cause I'm just too young to get down like that
(I agree)
Hit the movies, hit the mall
Then come out with big bags
Next day do lunch then head Six Flags
But it don't mean nothing
We're just having some fun
Even though I may have told you on the ride
You're the on
I'm sorry little shorty
I just gotta take that back
'Cause I'm just too young to get down like that
[Lil Bow Wow](Jagged Edge)
(You can't hear me)
Not a word that I be saying
(Its plain to see)

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