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Mr President, goodnight
Sleep well in your pretty white house
Don't think too much about those far away beaches
Where your boys are, lonely, far away from home
Especially don't think about those 46 casualties
That mistake the other day with that bombing
And forget the fourth of the Ten Commands
Which you, as a good Christian, surely know

Don't think about those young front line soldiers
Dying lonely in the distant tropic nights
Let those weak pacifists talk
Mr President, sleep tight

Dream of victory and triumph
Dream of your beautiful peace ideal
Which never has been achieved through bloody killing
Dream that you will succeed this time
Don't think about all those people who perish
How many women, how many children have been murdered
Dream that you will pull it off
And don't believe a word the opposition says

Bayonets with bloody hilts
Stand on guard far away from here, on your command
For the honour and glory of the Free West
Mr President, sleep tight

Don't be to alarmed when in your dreams
All those innocent victims appear
That have been killed there in the battle
And ask you how long this must go on
And by now you must know that there are people
Who are sick and tired of the violence
Those who can't forget the blood and the misery
And still value a human life

Don't dream too much about all those dead people
Have nice dreams of victory and power
Don't think about all those wishes for peace
Mr President, sleep tight!
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