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After twenty-two years in this life
I write the testament of my youth
Not that I have to present money or valuables
I never succeeded in being a smart guy

But I still have some great ideals
well done, old fashioned though.
Who wants them may go and get them
Especially young people still like them.

To my little brother that will like to study
I'm happy to leave the address of my pub,
where I drank too much to impress a woman
followed by the punches I asked for

and then I have a few girlfriends
well educated and very clever
therefore you can't start anything with them
but perhaps someone may get them down.

For my nephew are my unfulfilled dreams
a little childish, but oh so deep.
I was always one of those
walking slower than luck

To my friends I wish to leave
the talent to fall in love with a lady's smile.
Unfortunately they cheated once too often on me
but it's allowed for anybody to try

My girlfriend I leave to you all the nights
I shed tears for your lack of faithfullness
But remember I will wait in patience
till I laugh because they betray you too.

And the teacher who predicted
boy, things will end badly with you
can be satisfied and doesn't need to get lost anymore,
which means he was right after all

For my parents is the album with the pictures
that falsely show a happy youth.
But they don't show the same empty phrases
raising a child in virtue and honor

On top of this I return the foolish stuff
they taught me too much in those days.
After all they can't force me
to grow up with no remorse nor regret.

And then I have some good friends
but they received enough from me.
So I don't envy what they deserved,
All the drinks they stole from me.

Nothing else, there are just some things
to keep because no one wants them,
The beautiful memories when I was young,
you carry with you all life long.
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