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Movie soundtrack by various artists.
  1. Chaje Shukarije by Esma Redžepova
  2. Born to Be Wild by Fanfare Ciocărlia
  3. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 1 by Sacha Baron Cohen
  4. Siki, Siki Baba by Кочани Оркестар (Kočani Orkestar)
  5. Gypsy's Kolo by Jony Iliev & Band
  6. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 2 by Sacha Baron Cohen
  7. Eu Vin Acasa Cu Drag by Ştefan de la Bărbuleşti
  8. In My Country There Is Problem (Throw the Jew Down the Well) by Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines
  9. Grooming Pubis by Erran Baron Cohen
  10. Magic Mamaliga by OMFO
  11. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 3 by Sacha Baron Cohen
  12. Money Boney by OMFO
  13. You Be My Wife (featuring Belinda Bedeković) by Sacha Baron Cohen
  14. Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana Na Rijeci) by Goran Bregović
  15. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 4 by Sacha Baron Cohen
  16. Mahalageasca (Bucovina dub) by Shantel vs. Mahala Raï Banda
  17. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 5 by Sacha Baron Cohen
  18. O Kazakhstan by Erran Baron Cohen

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