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Rock'N'Roll Cowboy (English Version)

This song is by Bonfire and appears on the album Feels Like Comin' Home (1996).

Like a candle in the wind
Sometimes I'm getting weak
But who'll be there
To dry the tears I'm cryin'

Like a rainbow in sky
When the sun kisses the rain
I can't tell - when and where I'm going

Cold winds are blowing strong
But who will be by my side
And keep me warm
Through the night
And when the bottle is
Your only friend - I realize

I am just a Rock and Roll Cowboy
Riding down these streets alone
I'm wanted like an outlaw
But someday I'm comin' home
To get my piece of heart and soul - baby
'Cause I gave it all for Rock and Roll

Like a bird who learns to fly
I left my sheltered home
But I lost my way and
Sometimes lsot my senses

Like a champion in the ring
Who's drowning in his fame
I forget the pain I paid for glory

Too late for me to say good-bye
I can't turn back time
When my life was mine
But it's not too late to make a
Brand new start - because I know

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