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Easy Come Easy Go

This song is by Bonfire and appears on the album Feels Like Comin' Home (1996).

You don't care about social things
You just care what your money brings
I don't know what ever made you this way

You like it fast and wild -
And you don't think twice
You just roll another dice

Easy come, easy go -
That's the way you want it
Easy come, easy go -
Sometimes you feel high and sometimes low
Easy come, easy go -
That's the way you like it
Easy come, easy go - sometimes you feel
High and sometimes low

You waste no time in yesterdays
And tomorrow for your's too far away
You don't ever get enough of today -
30 hours a day

You try to get your kicks right here right now
While the world is spinning round and round
But nothing really gets you down

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