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Can't Stop Rocking

This song is by Bonfire and appears on the album Fuel To The Flames (1999).

I hit the road when I was young
Some Lynyrd Skynyrd turned me on
I did not dig that disco stuff
'Cause I always liked it loud and rough

I'm sure you've heard this all before
Well, I don't care - I come back for more

No - I can't stop rockin'
No - I just can't stop to roll
As long as I'm alive - I'll keep on truckin'
I swear to God that I love Rock 'n' Roll

My manager he ripped me off
'Cause he just could not get enough
But that all could not knock me out
I jumped back in the saddle - loud and proud

Sometimes my life was just so cliché
But that didn't stop me - to go my way

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