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The Preacher/More Than I Can Stand

This song is by Bobby Womack and appears on the album The Womack Live (1970).

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Gimme my groove
Lemme hear everybody in the house tonight
If ya still feel like you want to have a good time
All ya gotta say is yeah --
(Crowd sings) Yeah
(Bobby) Yeah
(Crowd) Yeah
(Bobby) Lemme hear ya just say it a little bit louder
Lemme hear ya say yeah
(Crowd) Yeah
(Bobby sings) Hmmmmm
I don't know why -- I, I feel like I wanna preach tonight
I wonder would y'all mind -- If I preach to you for about 5 minutes
But I got to know that I got some warriors in the house tonight
All ya gotta say is yeah --
(Crowd sings) yeah
(Bobby sings) Owwwww!
About five years ago -- I fell in love
But you know I never believed -- I never believed in working a real hard job
But one day my old lady walked up and told me -- and said Bobby
She said your lovin' is good --
But my money is gettin' sort of thin
Lemme hear ya say yeah

She said, "I don't mean to hurt your feelings, boy,"
"But you better get ooonnnn out -- and find yourself a job!"
My nose was sort of opened wide at that time
So early that next morning
I went ooonnnn out -- lookin' --
Tryin' to find a job --
And I'm mighty glad to today to tell you that I found it
I put in 24 hours a day --
And then a little bit overtime
And here's the sad part of the story

You know something about that, don't you?
Listen to me, now
What brought me home --
It brought me home sort of early one night, huh
I got a funny -- I got a funny -- feeeling
That somethimg wasn't going on in my house that wasn't right
Until I recognized my old lady's voice --
And she kept tellin' she said -- Ooh, baby!
And I was steady listenin' she said -- Ooh, baby!
And he sort of stuttering too -- He kept sayin', like, Uh, what, honey?
She kept tellin' him -- look, keep on doin' doin' doin'
What you're doin' boy!

(Bobby) And lemme hear ya yeah --
Make me know you're still with me -- (Crowd sings) Yeah
Lemme hear ya yeah -- (Crowd sings) Yeah
So I started to call my baby
I said, "Baby!"
I said "I'm glad to walk away if ya do me one thing...
Would ya do me one thing...?"

Girl don't pull the rug from under my feet -- Ooh
Don't leave, don't leave me so, I'm talking in my sleep
Listen to me ---
This could be the start of a nightmare
Waking up and not finding you there
It would be more that I could stand

Oh, baby Oh, baby
Girl, don't leave me so I'm pacing the floor (don't you do it baby)
Cause that's, that's what I'll do if you close the door
Leavin' me would ruin all of my plans
It would be like tying the both of my hands
And that's more than I could ever stand
Cause that's more than I could stand

Why you wanna leave me?
Why you wanna go?
I promise not
To never, never hurt you no more

Oh, please don't leave me
Please don't go
By causin' my heart to ache
Causin' it to break

I believe we've still got, a lot of love to give, baby
So turn around, baby (turn around)
While there's a lot of life we can live
Maybe I've been too hung up on myself
But don't change me by putting my heart on a shelf
Cause that's more than I could everstand

Oh tell me, Oh tell me
Why you wanna leave me? -- Why you wanna go?
Why you wanna leave me? -- Why you wanna go?

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby

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