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It's Gonna Rain

This song is by Bobby Womack and appears on the album My Prescription (1970).

It's gonna rain, ooh
It's gotta rain!
If she goes, goodness knows
Yeah, yeah, yeah, It's gonna rain!
I'm starting to feel some bad vibrations
It looks like a hopeless situation
See once you come, I know I can't win
And I know she's getting ready to
It's gonna rain, baby
It's gonna rain

I can feel it in my soul
Lord surely knows
I'ts gonna rain

Yes, I bit off
More than I can chew
And I'm been a little tired
And thank me, too
Now she's getting ready
To make a move
And I can feel a storm
Starting to brew

It's gonna rain
Whoa! Gotta rain!

I was struck by the lighting
I can feel it on my window pane
More than anything
Lord, I ever saw
More than anything
I ever felt in Arkansas

Buckled in my knees
And I started to fall
Tears come to fall
Like the Lord from a fall

It's Gonna rain
Aw, baby!
I'ts gotta raln

I can feel it in my soul
Lord surely knows
It's gonna rain

Sock it, baby!
Sock it, baby!
Stop it! stop the rain!

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