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I Can't Stay Mad

This song is by Bobby Womack and appears on the album Womagic (1986).

Talk to me
What's the matter, baby?

I couldn't sleep at all last night
Thinkin' 'bout our silly fight
Hangin' on to foolish pride
Though it's killin', killin' me inside

After all that we've been through
How could somethin' like this
Come between me and you?
Here we are with our backs to each other
Acting more like strangers than lovers

You stay on your side
And oh, I'll stay on mine
Someone's got to give in
And I guess, I guess it's me this time, oh

I can't stay mad too long, no, I can't
Not when this feelin' I have for you
Is much too strong

Why do we have to play this game
When there is nothin' to be gained?
Let's fight and get it over with
Instead of treating each other, each other like this

Think of what we're standin' over
I don't know what we're tryin' to prove
'Cause after we get it straighten out, baby
We won't remember what we were arguing about

And I've made the first move
Oh, and it lasted long enough
Here we stand in silence
And we should be kissin', kissin' and makin' up

'Cause I, I can't stay mad too long, no, I can't
You can be right this time
And I may be wrong, oh, I'd be wrong
I don't mind, I don't mind

Oh, no 'cause I can't stay mad too long
Listen to me, baby
You can be right this time
And I may be wrong
I don't care what it costs me

Oh, I can't stay mad too long
No, we know it is wastin' time
Girl, we can [Incomprehensible]

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