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Baby! You Oughta Think It Over

This song is by Bobby Womack and appears on the album Fly Me To The Moon (1968).

Baby, Yeah, you oughta
Aww, Baby
Baby, I know you hear me calling you, darling,
I think you oughta think it over, yeah

We've been together for so long
Breaking it now, baby it would be wrong
I need your love, and this, I know
That's why I say, girl, before you walk out that door

(Baby. think it over) I got tears falling in my eyes
And I want love,
(Whoa, Oh) Can't stand to see me cry
(Baby) can you stand to see me cry (You oughta think it over)
Walk away with your head held up high, Owwww, Ooh!

They say you got, got another man
Promising baby, that cheat your friend
But, Oh, listen good to what he say
But, before you go, I'll walk away

Baby! Baby, baby, baby, Whoa Whoa, Yeah! Yeah!

You were alone, and in despair
Lord knows, I came, from outta nowhere
I brought the sun, Yeah, I did, to stop the rain, Lord knows!
Guess I'm the one that could ease your pain!

Baby!, Baby, Baby, Baby!, Awww! I know you hear me calling you in the rain! (Aw baby!)
I don't understand (Naw, Baby)
Lord knows, I just don't understand
How 'ya can't hear me calling

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