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Bobby Vee (1961)

Bobby Vee - Bobby Vee

Bobby Vee

  1. Rubber Ball
  2. Talk to Me, Talk to Me
  3. One Last Kiss
  4. Angels in the Sky
  5. Stayin' In
  6. Long Lonely Nights
  7. Devil or Angel
  8. Poetry in Motion
  9. More Than I Can Say
  10. Mister Sandman
  11. Foolish Tears
  12. Love Love Love

Take Good Care of My Baby (1961)

Bobby Vee - Take Good Care Of My Baby

Take Good Care of My Baby

  1. Take Good Care of My Baby
  2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
  3. Remember Me, Huh
  4. He Will Break Your Heart
  5. Who Am I?
  6. Run to Him
  7. Walkin' With My Angel
  8. Raining in My Heart
  9. Go On
  10. Little Flame
  11. So You're in Love
  12. Hark, Is That a Cannon I Hear

Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures (1963)

Bobby Vee And The Ventures - Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures

Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures

  1. Goodnight Irene
  2. Walk Right Back
  3. Linda Lou
  4. Caravan (instrumental)
  5. What Else Is New
  6. Candyman
  7. This Is Where Friendship Ends
  8. Honeycomb
  9. Pretty Girls Everywhere
  10. Wild Night (instrumental)
  11. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter
  12. If I'm Right or Wrong

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1963)

Bobby Vee - The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

  1. Go Away Little Girl
  2. It Might as Well Rain Until September
  3. It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy
  4. Theme for a Dream
  5. Silent Partner
  6. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
  7. You Won't Forget Me
  8. Anonymous Phone Call
  9. If She Were My Girl
  10. Lover's Goodbye
  11. Dry Your Eyes
  12. What About Me

Golden Greats Volume Two (1966)

  1. Charms
  2. Cross My Heart
  3. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
  4. I'll Make You Mine
  5. Never Love A Robin
  6. Armen's Theme
  7. Ev'ry Little Bit Hurts
  8. Hickory, Dick & Doc
  9. Keep On Trying
  10. A Girl I Used To Know
  11. Pretend You Don't See Her
  12. Be True To Yourself

Legendary Masters Series (1990)

Bobby Vee - Legendary Masters Series

Legendary Masters Series

  1. Suzie Baby
  2. What Do You Want?
  3. One Last Kiss (From The Musical 'Bye Bye Birdie')
  4. Devil or Angel
  5. Rubber Ball
  6. Everyday
  7. Stayin' In
  8. More Than I Can Say
  9. How Many Tears
  10. Take Good Care of My Baby
  11. Run to Him
  12. Walkin' with My Angel
  13. Please Don't Ask About Barbara
  14. Sharing You
  15. Punish Her
  16. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
  17. Charms
  18. Be True to Yourself
  19. Yesterday and You (Armen's Theme)
  20. I'll Make You Mine
  21. Look at Me Girl
  22. Come Back When You Grow Up
  23. Beautiful People
  24. Maybe Just Today
  25. My Girl/Hey Girl (Medley)
  26. Bobby Vee Radio Spot
  27. Bonus Track
  28. Bonus Track

Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Other Songs

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  1. (There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays
  2. A Letter From Betty
  3. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
  4. Blue On Blue
  5. Come Go With Me
  6. Diana
  7. Don't Ever Take Her For Granted
  8. Earth Angel
  9. Every Little Bit Hurts
  10. Girl Of My Best Friend
  11. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
  12. I Gotta Know
  13. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  14. It's So Easy
  15. Just Keep It Up
  16. Lavender Blue
  17. Linda Lu
  18. Little Boy Sad
  19. Little Queenie
  20. Lollipop
  21. Looking For Love
  22. Love's Made A Fool Of You
  23. My Dad
  24. Night Has A 1000 Eyes
  25. Oh, Boy!
  26. P.S. I Love You
  27. Rave On
  28. Rockin' Robin
  29. School Days
  30. Sixteen Candles
  31. Summertime Blues
  32. Sunny
  33. Susie-Q
  34. Sweet Little Sixteen
  35. Tears On My Pillow
  36. That'll Be The Day
  37. True Love Ways
  38. Twist And Shout
  39. Walk Right Back
  40. Well...All Right
  41. What's Your Name
  42. White Christmas
  43. Yesterday And You

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b.1943, d.2016

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Bobby Vee is a performance name for Robert Thomas Velline.

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