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Moment in Love (1994)

  1. Moment in Love (Club Mix)
  2. Moment in Love (Bonus Beats)
  3. Moment in Love (Miami Mix)
  4. Moment in Love (Percapella)

Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

  • Deja Vue from the compilation Tazmania "Freestyle" ∙ Vol. 3 ∙ Stronger Than Ever
  • Mirage from the compilation Tazmania "Freestyle" ∙ Vol. 2 ∙ The Return!
  • One More Romance from the compilation Club Tazmania ∙ Vol. 5 ∙ "Too Hot 2 Handle"
  • Look into My Eyes from the compilation Tazmania's Strictly Freestyle Vol. 8

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