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Detroit City (1963)

Bobby Bare - Detroit City

Detroit City

  1. Detroit City
  2. Is It Wrong (For Loving You)
  3. Lorina
  4. Shame On Me
  5. I'd Fight The World
  6. Dear Wastebasket
  7. All-American Boy
  8. I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
  9. Brooklyn Bridge
  10. She Called Me Baby
  11. The Gods Were Angry With Me
  12. Book Of Love

500 Miles Away From Home (1963)

Bobby Bare - 500 Miles Away From Home

500 Miles Away From Home

  1. 500 Miles Away From Home
  2. Homestead On The Farm
  3. Let Me Tell You About Mary
  4. Abilene
  5. Gotta Travel On
  6. Lynchin' Party
  7. Worried Man Blues
  8. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  9. Noah's Ark
  10. Sailor Man
  11. What Kind Of Bird Is That
  12. Jeannie's Last Kiss

The Travelin' Bare (1964)

Bobby Bare - The Travelin' Bare

The Travelin' Bare

  1. Down In Mexico
  2. Sittin' And Thinkin'
  3. I've Lived A Lot In My Time
  4. I'm Gettin' Lonely
  5. Long Way To Tennessee
  6. Sweeter Than The Flowers
  7. I Was Coming Home To You
  8. Long Black Limousine
  9. Lonely Town
  10. Candy Coated Kisses
  11. When I'm Gone

Tunes for Two (1965) (w/ Skeeter Davis)

Skeeter Davis - Tunes for Two

Tunes for Two

  1. Dear John Letter
  2. Too Used To Being With You
  3. In The Misty Moonlight
  4. We'll Sing In The Sunshine
  5. I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)
  6. True Love
  7. I Love You
  8. We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds
  9. Let It Be Me (Je T'Appartiens)
  10. Together Again
  11. That's All I Want From You
  12. Invisible Tears

Constant Sorrow (1965)

Bobby Bare - Constant Sorrow

Constant Sorrow

  1. I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow
  2. Blowin' in the Wind
  3. Times Are Gettin' Hard
  4. Lemon Tree
  5. So Soon
  6. One Day at a Time
  7. Delia's Gone
  8. Just to Satisfy You
  9. Deepening Snow
  10. Don't Think Twice It's All Right
  11. Countin' the Hours Countin' the Days

Tender Years (1965)

Bobby Bare - Tender Years

Tender Years

  1. Tender Years
  2. Vampira
  3. Darling Don't
  4. Life of a Fool
  5. A Beggar
  6. The Livin' End
  7. Another Love Has Ended
  8. Down on the Corner of Love

Talk Me Some Sense (1966)

Bobby Bare - Talk Me Some Sense

Talk Me Some Sense

  1. Passin' Through
  2. You Can't Stop the Wild Wind from Blowing
  3. Got Leavin' on Her Mind
  4. Long Black Veil
  5. Heaven Help My Soul
  6. Talk Me Some Sense
  7. It Ain't Me Babe
  8. All the Good Times Are Past and Gone
  9. What Color (Is a Man)
  10. Little Bit Later on Down the Line
  11. Salt Lake City
  12. (For a While) We Helped Each Other Out

The Streets Of Baltimore (1966)

Bobby Bare - The Streets Of Baltimore

The Streets Of Baltimore

  1. Early Morning Rain
  2. Houston
  3. Saginaw Michigan
  4. Take Me Home To Mama
  5. Memphis Tennessee
  6. Streets Of Baltimore
  7. That's How I Wanted It To Be
  8. Vincennes
  9. Cold And Lonely City
  10. Changin' My Mind
  11. There Ain't No Fun In This Town
  12. Green Green Grass Of Home

This I Believe (1966)

Bobby Bare - This I Believe

This I Believe

  1. Less Of Me
  2. Tall Oak Tree
  3. When I've Learned Enough To Die
  4. Family Bible
  5. Lonesome Valley
  6. When God Dips His Love In My Heart
  7. Chicken Every Sunday
  8. I Saw The Light
  9. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
  10. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  11. I'll Fly Away

The Best of Bobby Bare (1966)

Bobby Bare - The Best of Bobby Bare

The Best of Bobby Bare

  1. Detroit City
  2. It's Alright
  3. Four Strong Winds
  4. Miller's Cave
  5. I'd Fight the World
  6. Times Are Gettin' Hard
  7. All-American Boy
  8. Shame on Me
  9. 500 Miles Away from Home
  10. Dear Wastebasket
  11. He Was a Friend of Mine
  12. When the Wind Blows

The Game Of Triangles (1967) (w/ Liz Anderson & Norma Jean)

Bobby Bare - The Game Of Triangles

The Game Of Triangles

  1. One Among The Three Of Us
  2. Wife Of The Party
  3. Pursuing Happiness
  4. Guess I'll Move On Down The Line
  5. Bye Bye Love
  6. Game Of Triangles
  7. Homesick
  8. Fairy Tale
  9. Three Mixed Up Hearts
  10. Don't Let That Doorknob Hit You
  11. Which One Is To Blame

A Bird Named Yesterday (1967)

Bobby Bare - A Bird Named Yesterday

A Bird Named Yesterday

  1. Bird Named Yesterday
  2. Somebody Bought My Old Hometown
  3. Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back
  4. Day The Saw Mill Closed Down
  5. Air Conditioner Song
  6. I've Got A Thing About Trains
  7. Old Gang's Gone
  8. They Covered Up The Old Swimmin' Hole

The English Country Side (1967) (w/ The Hillsiders)

Bobby Bare - The English Country Side

The English Country Side

  1. Y'all Come
  2. Find Out What's Happening
  3. Love's Gonna Live Here
  4. I Love You Drops
  5. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew
  6. Goin' Home
  7. Great Snowman
  8. Blue Is My Lonely Room
  9. Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)
  10. Sweet Dreams
  11. Six Days On The Road

Folsom Prison Blues (1968)

Bobby Bare - Folsom Prison Blues

Folsom Prison Blues

  1. Folsom Prison Blues
  2. Autumn of My Life
  3. Abilene
  4. Blowin' in the Wind
  5. Lemon Tree
  6. Try to Remember
  7. Silence Is Golden
  8. Gotta Travel On
  9. When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down
  10. No Sad Songs for Me

(Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn (1969)

Bobby Bare - (Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn

(Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn

  1. Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town
  2. Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp
  3. Law Is For Protection Of The People
  4. Cincinnati Jail
  5. Watching The Trains Go By
  6. Big Ben Colson
  7. (Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn
  8. If There's Not A Hell (There Ought To Be)
  9. Skip A Rope
  10. Wild As The Wind
  11. Drink Up And Go Home
  12. Rainy Day In Richmond

Your Husband, My Wife (1970) (w/ Skeeter Davis)

Skeeter Davis - Your Husband, My Wife

Your Husband, My Wife

  1. Your Husband My Wife
  2. Before The Sunrise
  3. I Got You
  4. I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again
  5. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
  6. My Elusive Dreams
  7. Let's Make Love Not War
  8. Truer Love You'll Never Find
  9. Jackson
  10. There Never Was A Time

The Real Thing (1970)

Bobby Bare - The Real Thing

The Real Thing

  1. Sunday Morning Coming Down
  2. Chicago Story
  3. Barbara Joe
  4. California Dreams
  5. Singer Of Sad Songs
  6. Real Thing (More Than A Memory)
  7. Tulsa County
  8. Maggie (I Wish We'd Never Met)
  9. Homecoming
  10. Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy

This Is Bare Country (1970)

Bobby Bare - This Is Bare Country

This Is Bare Country

  1. How I Got To Memphis
  2. I'm Her Hoss If I Never Win A Race
  3. Mrs. Jones Your Daughter Cried All Night
  4. Fool
  5. It's A Freezing In El Paso
  6. Come Sundown
  7. Woman You Have Been A Friend To Me
  8. Don't It Make You Want To Go Home
  9. I Took A Memory To Lunch
  10. Leaving On A Jet Plane
  11. Mary Ann Regrets

Where Have All The Seasons Gone (1971)

Bobby Bare - Where Have All The Seasons Gone

Where Have All The Seasons Gone

  1. Where Have All The Seasons Gone
  2. Travelin' Minstrel Man
  3. Hello Darlin'
  4. How About You
  5. Dropping Out Of Sight
  6. Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken)
  7. Help Me Make It Through The Night
  8. Roselee
  9. For The Good Times
  10. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends
  11. Waitress At Main Street Cafe

I Need Some Good News Bad (1971)

Bobby Bare - I Need Some Good News Bad

I Need Some Good News Bad

  1. Short And Sweet
  2. West Virginia Woman
  3. Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurtin' Me)
  4. Million Miles To The City
  5. Jesus Is The Only One That Loves Us
  6. New York City Snow
  7. I Need Some Good News Bad
  8. Me And Bobby McGee
  9. Christian Soldier
  10. Just The Other Side Of Nowhere
  11. Loving Her Was Easier

What Am I Gonna Do? (1972)

Bobby Bare - What Am I Gonna Do?

What Am I Gonna Do?

  1. What Am I Gonna Do
  2. Darby's Castle
  3. When Love Is Gone
  4. Lot Of Soul
  5. Jesus Christ, What A Man
  6. Lonely Street
  7. Just In Case (A Night Like This One Never Comes Again)
  8. Lorena
  9. Roses Are Red (My Love)
  10. Love Forever
  11. When I Want To Love A Lady

Sings Lullabys, Legends and Lies (1973)

Bobby Bare - Sings Lullabys, Legends And Lies

Sings Lullabys, Legends And Lies

  1. Lullabys, Legends and Lies
  2. Paul
  3. Marie Laveau
  4. Daddy What If
  5. The Wonderful Soup Stone
  6. Winner
  7. In the Hills of Shiloh
  8. She's My Ever Lovin' Machine
  9. The Mermaid
  10. Rest Awhile
  11. Bottomless Well
  12. True Story
  13. Sure Hit Songwriters Pen
  14. Rosalie's Good Eats Cafe

Singin' In The Kitchen (1974)

Bobby Bare - Singin' In The Kitchen

Singin' In The Kitchen

  1. Singin' In The Kitchen
  2. Monkey And The Elephant
  3. Lovin' You Anyway
  4. Where'd I Come From
  5. Ricky Tic Song
  6. Giving Tree
  7. You Are
  8. Unicorn
  9. Cloudy Sky
  10. She Thinks I Can
  11. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
  12. See That Bluebird

Cowboys and Daddys (1975)

Bobby Bare - Cowboys and Daddys

Cowboys and Daddys

  1. The Cowboy and the Poet (Faster Horses)
  2. Cowboys and Daddys
  3. High Plains Jamboree
  4. Chester
  5. Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother
  6. The Stranger
  7. Amarillo Highway
  8. Speckled Pony
  9. Pretty Painted Ladies
  10. He's a Cowboy
  11. Calgary Snow
  12. Last Dance at the Old Texas Moon

Hard Time Hungrys (1975)

Bobby Bare - Hard Time Hungrys

Hard Time Hungrys

  1. Hard Time Hungrys
  2. Farmer Feeds Us All
  3. Alimony
  4. Two For A Dollar
  5. Back Home In Huntsville Again
  6. Daddy's Been Around The House Too Long'
  7. Warm And Free
  8. Able Bodied Man
  9. $100,000 In Pennies
  10. Bottles And Boxes
  11. Truck Driver Truck Driver
  12. Unemployment Line

The Winner and Other Losers (1976)

Bobby Bare - The Winner and Other Losers

The Winner and Other Losers

  1. Climbin' the Ladder and Climbin' the Walls
  2. Baby Wants to Boogie
  3. Keeping Rosie Proud of Me
  4. Bald Headed Woman
  5. Vince
  6. Lost in Austin
  7. Put a Little Lovin' on Me
  8. Yes, Mr. Rodgers
  9. Brian Hennessey
  10. My Better Half
  11. Dropkick Me, Jesus
  12. The Winner

Me and McDill (1977)

Bobby Bare - Me and McDill

Me and McDill

  1. If You Think I'm Crazy Now
  2. Hillbilly Hell
  3. Don't Think You're Too Good For Country Music
  4. Till I Get On My Feet
  5. Don't Turn Out The Light
  6. Wilma Lou
  7. Look Who I'm Cheating On Tonight
  8. You Made A Believer Out Of Me
  9. The Woman In Every Man's Life
  10. Can't Seem To Get Nowhere
  11. Tired Of The Road Joe

Bare (1978)

Bobby Bare - Bare


  1. Big Dupree
  2. Finger On The Button
  3. Gambler (cover of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers)
  4. Yard Full Of Rusty Cars
  5. Greasy Grit Gravy
  6. Too Many Nights Alone
  7. Childhood Hero
  8. February Snow
  9. This Guitar Is For Sale
  10. Sing For The Song

Sleeper Wherever I Fall (1978)

Bobby Bare - Sleeper Wherever I Fall

Sleeper Wherever I Fall

  1. Sleep Tight, Good Night Man
  2. Hot Afternoon (Arizona Desert)
  3. What Did It Get Me
  4. Goin' Up's Easy, Comin' Down's Hard
  5. The Way I Feel Tonight
  6. Healin'
  7. Love Is A Cold Wind
  8. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
  9. The Last Time
  10. On A Real Good Night

High And Dry (1979)

Bobby Bare - High And Dry

High And Dry

  1. Music City, U.S.A.
  2. Alabama Rose
  3. Laying Here Lying In Bed
  4. Under It All
  5. Take Some And Give Some
  6. Crazy Arms
  7. City Boy, Country Born
  8. Coal River
  9. She Gave Her Heart To Jethro
  10. High And Dry
  11. Footprints In the Sand Of Time
  12. Even the Bad Times Are Good

Drunk & Crazy (1980)

Bobby Bare - Drunk & Crazy

Drunk & Crazy

  1. Drunk and Crazy
  2. Food Blues
  3. The World's Last Truck Drivin' Man
  4. I Can Almost See Houston From Here
  5. If That Ain't Love
  6. Rock and Roll Hotel
  7. Song of the South
  8. Appaloosa Rider
  9. Bathroom Tissue Paper Letter
  10. Willie Jones
  11. Gotta Get Rid of This Band
  12. Drinkin' and Druggin' and Watchin' T.V.
  13. Your Credit Card Won't Get You Into Heaven
  14. I've Never Gone to Bed With an Ugly Woman
  15. Desperados Waiting for the Train

Down and Dirty (1980)

Bobby Bare - Down And

Down and Dirty

  1. Good For Nothing Blues
  2. Numbers
  3. Some Days Are Diamonds
  4. Tequila Sheila
  5. Rock Star's Lament
  6. Crazy Again
  7. Tecumseh Valley
  8. Blind Willie Harper
  9. Rough On The Living
  10. Down To My Last Come And Get Me
  11. Qualudes Again
  12. Goin' Back To Texas
  13. I Can't Watch The Movie Anymore

As Is (1981)

Bobby Bare - As Is

As Is

  1. Dollar Pool Fool
  2. Learning to Lie Again
  3. Call Me the Breeze
  4. Take Me as I Am (Or Let Me Go)
  5. Let Him Roll
  6. New Cut Road
  7. She Is Gone
  8. Dropping Out of Sight
  9. Summer Wages
  10. White Freight Liner Blues

Ain't Got Nothin' to Lose (1982)

Bobby Bare - Ain't Got Nothin' to Lose

Ain't Got Nothin' to Lose

  1. If You Ain't Got Nothin' (You Ain't Got Nothin' to Lose)
  2. (I'm Not) a Candle in the Wind
  3. The Old Swimmin' Hole
  4. Isn't That Just Like Love
  5. Goodnight Irene
  6. Golden Memories
  7. I've Been Rained on Too
  8. Cold Day in Hell
  9. So Good to So Bad
  10. Praise the Lord and Send Me the Money

Drinkin' from the Bottle, Singin' from the Heart (1983)

Bobby Bare - Drinkin' from the Bottle, Singin' from the Heart

Drinkin' from the Bottle, Singin' from the Heart

  1. Jogger
  2. Easy As Dreaming
  3. Rodeo Queen
  4. Me And Jimmie Rodgers
  5. Three Legged Man
  6. Diet Song
  7. Jennifer Johnson And Me
  8. Drinkin' From The Bottle (Singin' From The Heart)
  9. Someplace To Come When It Rains
  10. Stacy Brown Got Two
  11. Time

The Essential Bobby Bare (1997)

Bobby Bare - The Essential Bobby Bare

The Essential Bobby Bare

  1. All-American Boy
  2. Shame on Me
  3. Detroit City
  4. 500 Miles Away From Home
  5. Miller's Cave
  6. Four Strong Winds
  7. A Dear John Letter
  8. It's Alright
  9. Streets of Baltimore
  10. The Game of Triangles
  11. Charleston Railroad Tavern
  12. (Margie's At) the Lincoln Park Inn
  13. Bless America Again
  14. Your Husband, My Wife
  15. Ride Me Down Easy
  16. Daddy What If
  17. Marie Laveau
  18. The Winner
  19. Dropkick Me, Jesus
  20. Vegas

The Singles 1959-1969 (1999)

Bobby Bare - The Singles 1959-1969

The Singles 1959-1969

Disc 1
  1. All American Boy
  2. Shame on Me
  3. Above & Beyond
  4. Detroit City
  5. Heart of Ice
  6. Five Hundred Miles Away from Home
  7. It All Depends on Linda
  8. Miller's Cave
  9. Jeannie's Last Kiss
  10. Have I Stayed Away Too Long
  11. More Than a Poor Boy Could Give
  12. Four Strong Winds
  13. Take Me Home
  14. Times Are Gettin' Hard
  15. One Day at a Time
  16. It's Alright
  17. She Picked a Perfect Day
  18. Just to Satisfy You
  19. Memories
  20. Talk Me Some Sense
  21. Delia's Gone
  22. In the Same Old Way
  23. The Long Black Veil
Disc 2
  1. The Streets of Baltimore
  2. She Took My Sunshine Way
  3. Homesick
  4. Guess I'll Move on Down the Line
  5. Charleston Railroad Tavern
  6. Vincennes
  7. Come Kiss Me Love
  8. Sandy's Crying Again
  9. The Piney Wood Hills
  10. They Covered up the Old Swimming Hole
  11. Find Out What's Happening
  12. When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down
  13. A Little Bit Later on Down the Line
  14. Don't Do Like I Done Son
  15. The Town That Broke My Heart
  16. My Baby
  17. (Margie's At) the Lincoln Park Inn
  18. Rainy Day in Richmond
  19. Which One Will It Be
  20. My Frame of Mind
  21. God Bless America Again
  22. Baby, What Else Can I Do?
  23. Rosalie
  24. Alle Glauben Daß Ich Glücklich Bin

The Moon Was Blue (2005)

Bobby Bare - The Moon Was Blue

The Moon Was Blue

  1. Are You Sincere
  2. I Am an Island
  3. Everybody's Talkin'
  4. Yesterday When I Was Young
  5. Love Letters in the Sand
  6. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
  7. My Heart Cries for You
  8. It's All in the Game
  9. Shine on Harvest Moon
  10. Am I That Easy to Forget
  11. Fellow Travelers

Darker Than Light (2012)

Bobby Bare - Darker Than Light

Darker Than Light

  1. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad (I Ain't Going to Be Treated This Way)
  2. John Hardy
  3. Boll Weevil
  4. Farewell Angelina
  5. House of the Rising Sun
  6. Lookout Mountain
  7. I Was Drunk
  8. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  9. Dark as a Dungeon
  10. I Was a Young Man Once
  11. Banks of the Ohio
  12. Shenandoah
  13. Woody
  14. Tennesse Stud
  15. Tom Dooley
  16. The Devil and Billy Markham

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Other Songs

  1. Marie Leveau
  2. We Helped Each Other Out (For A While)
  3. Wonderful Soup Stone

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