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Bubbles in My Beer

This song is by Bob Wills and appears on the compilation album Faded Love: 1947-1973 (2005) by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys and on the compilation Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: 1948 (2008).

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Bubbles in My Beer
Awww nana, yes
Watchin' the bubbles in my beer
Come in Tommy, give us the lowdown on it

Tonight in a bar, alone I'm sitting (yes?)
Apart from the laughter and the cheer (that's not good)
While scenes from the past rise before me (yeah)
Just watchin' the bubbles in my beer

A vision of someone who loved me
Brings a lone silent tear to my eye (aww)
Oh, I know that my life's been a failure
Just watchin' the bubbles in my beer (yeah)

Well, alright
Oh oh
Hot Thomas

I'm seeing the road that I've traveled (yeah)
A road paved with heartaches and tears
And I'm seeing the past that I've wasted
While watchin' the bubbles in my beer

As I think of the heart that I've broken
And of the golden chances that have passed me by
And the dreams that I've made, now are empty (aww now)
As empty as the bubbles in my beer


Written by:

Tommy Duncan / Cindy Walker Wikipedia16 / Bob Wills

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