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Paradise (1998)

Bob Sinclar - Paradise


  1. Intro
  2. Get into the Music (featuring Q-T Fingers)
  3. Disco 2000 Selector
  4. My Only Love (featuring Lee A. Genesis)
  5. Paradise (Interlude)
  6. The Ghetto (featuring Karl The Voice)
  7. New York City Music
  8. Ultimate Funk
  9. Move Your Body
  10. Souvenir
  11. Vision of Paradise
  12. My Underground People
  13. Gym Tonic (Thomas Bangalter Remix)

Champs Elysées (2002)

Bob Sinclar - Champs Elysées

Champs Elysées

  1. Champs Elysees Theme
  2. I Feel for You
  3. You Are Beautiful
  4. Striptease
  5. Got to Be Free
  6. Life
  7. Save Our Soul
  8. Phasing News
  9. Ich Rocke
  10. Freedom
  11. Darlin'
  12. My Only Love

III (2003)

Bob Sinclar - III


  1. The Beat Goes On
  2. Kiss My Eyes
  3. If I Was
  4. La Music Is Fantastique
  5. Nature Boy
  6. Who Needs Sleep Tonight 2002
  7. Sexy Dancer
  8. I'm Not Perfect
  9. Do It
  10. Métro Blanche
  11. Beat the Clock
  12. Europa
  13. So High

Western Dream (2006)

Bob Sinclar - Western Dream

Western Dream

  1. Love Generation (featuring Gary Pine)
  2. Tennessee (featuring Farrell Lennon)
  3. Everybody Movin' (featuring Ron Carroll and Mz Toni)
  4. World, Hold On (Children of the Sky) (featuring Steve Edwards)
  5. Miss Me
  6. For You
  7. Sing My Song
  8. In the Name of Love
  9. Amora, Amor
  10. Shining from Heaven
  11. Give a Lil' Love (featuring Gary Pine)
  12. Love Generation (Ron Carroll Remix)
Australian edition
  1. Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) (with Cutee B) (featuring Dollarman, Big Ali and Makedah)
  2. Love Generation (featuring Gary Pine)
  3. Tennessee (featuring Farrell Lennon)
  4. Everybody Movin' (featuring Ron Carroll and Mz Toni)
  5. World, Hold On (Children of the Sky) (featuring Steve Edwards)
  6. Sing My Song
  7. In the Name of Love
  8. Amora, Amor
  9. Shining from Heaven
  10. Give a Lil' Love (featuring Gary Pine)
  11. World, Hold On (Children Of The Sky) (Axwell Remix)

Soundz of Freedom (2007)

Bob Sinclar - Soundz of Freedom

Soundz of Freedom

  1. Sound of Freedom (with Cutee B) (featuring Gary Pine and Dollarman)
  2. Rock This Party (featuring Dollarman and Big Ali)
  3. What I Want (featuring Fireball)
  4. Hard (featuring The Hard Boys)
  5. Kiss My Eyes (Cubeguys Remix)
  6. I Feel for You (Axwell Remix)
  7. Everybody Movin' (Part 1) (Kurd Maverick and Eddie Thoneick Remix)
  8. Everybody Movin' (Part 2) (Guy Schreiner Remix)
  9. Ultimate Funk (featuring Big Ali) (Tocadisco Remix)
  10. The Beat Goes On (Mousse T. Remix)
  11. Champs Elysées Theme (Jamie Lewis Remix)
  12. Tribute (featuring Michael Robinson and Ron Carroll)
  13. Together (featuring Steve Edwards)
  14. Give A Lil' Love (Part 2) (Eric Kupper Remix)

Born in 69 (2009)

Bob Sinclar - Born In 69

Born In 69

  1. Lala Song (featuring The Sugarhill Gang)
  2. Give Me Some More (featuring DJ Roland Clark)
  3. Love You No More (featuring Shabba Ranks)
  4. New New New (featuring Vybrate, Queen Ifrica and Makedah)
  5. Jamaica Avenue (featuring Tony Rebel)
  6. Peace Song (featuring Steve Edwards)
  7. What a Wonderful World (with Axwell) (featuring Ron Carroll)
  8. Mr. Tambourine Man
  9. People of Tomorrow (featuring Steve Edwards)
  10. The Way I Feel (featuring Adam Joseph)
  11. We Are Everything
  12. Belly Dancer (featuring Kevin Lyttle)
  13. Looks Like Love

Made in Jamaica (2010)

Bob Sinclar - Made in Jamaica

Made in Jamaica

  1. I Wanna (with Sahara) (featuring Shaggy)
  2. Love Generation (featuring Gary Pine)
  3. World, Hold On (Children of the Sky) (featuring Steve Edwards)
  4. The Beat Goes On (featuring Queen Ifrica)
  5. Rainbow of Love (featuring Ben Onono)
  6. Sound of Freedom (with Cutee B) (featuring Gary Pine and Dollarman)
  7. Jamaica Avenue (featuring Tony Rebel)
  8. Give a Lil' Love (featuring Gary Pine)
  9. Peace Song (featuring Steve Edwards)
  10. Kiss My Eyes (featuring Camille Lefort)
  11. Together (featuring Steve Edwards)
  12. I Feel for You (featuring Queen Ifrica)
  13. I Wanna (with Sahara) (featuring Shaggy) (Remix Radio)

Disco Crash (2012)

Bob Sinclar - Disco Crash

Disco Crash

  1. Rock the Boat
  2. Fuck With You (featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor)
  3. Wild Thing (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  4. Far L'Amore (featuring Raffaella Carrà)
  5. Not Gangsta (featuring Mr Shammi)
  6. Life (featuring Ben Onono)
  7. Put Your Handz Up (featuring Hot Rod)
  8. Tik Tok (featuring Sean Paul)
  9. Around The World (featuring Gilbere Forte)
  10. Rainbow Of Love (featuring Ben Onono)
  11. The Network (featuring KC Flightt)
  12. Magic Fly

Other Songs

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. Burning
  2. Beat Goes On
  3. Everybody Dance Now
  4. Gia
  5. Groupie
  6. I Believe
  7. Let's All Chant
  8. Let's Start The Dance
  9. Madan
  10. Mo Underground People
  11. Mr Tambourine Man
  12. Someone Who Needs Me
  13. Stand Up
  14. Summer Moonlight
  15. Summer Moon
  16. Til The Sun Rise Up
  17. World Hold On

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