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Something Like

This song is by Bob Seger and appears on the album Brand New Morning (1971).

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Something like givin'
When she's needin'
Givin' all there is
And remember this

Something like staying
When she's lonely
Even though you're late
Everything will wait

If she means so much to you
There's not a thing you shouldn't do
If it will help to show her that you care

Time it flies, so don't delay
Today will soon be yesterday
Tomorrow she might not even be there

When she does what she does
And it doesn't fit
You'll get by if you try
You'll get over it

Lord, it's something like loving
Something like loving
Oh, it's something like love

It's something like accepting
Everything about a woman
All the bad things, too

She can change for you
Something like loving
Oh, it's something like love, yeah

It's a brand new morning of a brand new day
It's a brand new chance to make it all work out some way
To right the wrongs within the songs of yesterday

It's a brand new morning
Oh, it's a brand new day

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