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You Should Have Seen It

This song is by Bob Lind and appears on the album Don't Be Concerned (1966) and on the album The Best of Bob Lind – You Might Have Heard My Footsteps (1993).

I told you as I left you you would hate me someday
You refused to believe me and begged me to stay
Now that your illusions of my saintliness are dead and gone
Now that I have fallen from the pedestal you put me on
You're suddenly aware that I have weaknesses like any other man
My humanness astounds you as you realize how real I am
But now it's lying crooked in your mind
Doll, you should have seen it all the time

Believe me, it tore at me watching you cry
With no way to say that you set me too high
I should have found a way to make you see that I wasn't always right
Someone should have shown you all the colors between black and white
I am not perfection, doll, but neither am I always wrong
Now you tell your friends I disappointed you and led you along
But you expected more than you could find
Doll, you should have seen it all the time

A man must be measured by things that he does
But you looked for me higher up than I was
Now that you can see that both my feet are standing on the ground
You're telling everybody that you hate me 'cause I let you down
I wish that you could know that I'm not angry I am only sad
To see someone so sensitive making herself look so bad
But the foolish have no patience with the blind
Doll, you should have seen it all the time
Doll, you should have seen it all the time

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