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We've Never Spoken

This song is by Bob Lind and appears on the album Photographs of Feeling (1966) and on the album The Best of Bob Lind – You Might Have Heard My Footsteps (1993).

Yes I've seen her often through the rain
Her voice is soft and frightened like a child in the night
Her mind is a kaleidoscope of spinning black and white
Her eyes can only focus on weakness
In the summer sounds around her she hears bleakness
Her laughter is a door that never opens
Yes I've seen her
But we've never spoken

All the times we've faced each other miles between our souls
I've wondered how she's learned to live her life and not have goals
It seemed that she was always in the shadows
The stranger who neither leads nor follows
Too high above it all to let her heart be broken
Yes I've seen her
But we've never spoken

Haunted by her values, disenchanted with herself
She's used to human ugliness and looks for nothing else
She lies inside your arms within the closeness of a kiss
Holding back the secret of what she really is
Hiding from you as her eyes are closing
Yes I've seen her
But we've never spoken

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