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Not That I Would Want Her Back

This song is by Bob Lind and appears on the album Since There Were Circles (1971).

The other evening I was drinking with my friends
In no specific frame of mind
Don't know exactly why I thought of her again
And how she mixed her drinks with mine
Then I found that I was talking about all the little ways she filled my time
It's not that I would want her back
Of course you know it's not like that
It must have been the music or the wine

I woke up dreaming from a sleepy four a.m.
Don't know exactly why I did
Caught up in memories of the rhythms of her sleep
When she was next to me and glad to be
And I reached across the darkness but I only touched the vacancy beside me
It's not that I would want her back
She wasn't all that much in fact
I'm glad she's gone, I'm happy to be free

You know it really wasn't such a heavy scene
I've had it heavier I'm sure
It's just these pictures in these signs and magazines
Why do so many look like her?
And her vision lingers over all the nights that fade and follow all her memories
But it's not that I would want her back
It's just the summer night attracting
Pictures from a dream a world behind me

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