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This song is by Bob Lind and appears on the live album Live At The Luna Star Café (2011).

May, we put at least six months of passion in those thirty days
We put a lot of miles and memories on that shaky Chevrolet
And though nothing that I was could make you stay
We had May
We had May

Free, this world was open when you nuzzled right up next to me
And made this heart of mine remember all the things the spring could be
And if June rolled in too soon hey that's OK
We had May
We had May

These Jasmine memories will not wither
Like those gardenias in your hand
I understand I can't have everything
This greedy heart of mine demands

May, soon I know I'll grow to treasure all those fleeting days
And now the autumn moon invites me to remember you in easy ways
And if I long for you sometimes I'll sigh and say
We had May
We had May
We had May
We had May

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