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This song is by Bob Lind and appears on the album Since There Were Circles (1971).

I used to be a hunter but I lost my gun
I used to be a sparrow but I fell
I used to be a moment in the setting sun
Slipping through the surface
Of the well-constructed dreams
That no one even seems
To remember anymore

I used to sit and watch the coloured circles spin
But I don't really dig it anymore
A man is just a loser till his ship comes in
And I'm not one to hang around the shore and sift the sand
And I don't understand or pretend to

Anymore I hardly ever bother
Closing up the cases on my drums
I can't seem to get myself together
But that's alright
I may not be cemented but I'm young

I used to be the apple in the hand of Eve
I used to be the writing on the wall
Sometimes I can almost make it back there
Sometimes I don't believe it's there at all
And that's my scene
And I'm not one to lean on the future
Anymore ...

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