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Come and See

This song is by Bob Bennett and appears on the album Lord Of The Past: A Compilation (1989).

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Song of the Day
October 05, 2017
Come and see, come and see
Come and see a Man from Heaven
Come and see, hear Him speak
He has seen the face of God

Come and see, come and see
This Jesus of Nazareth
Come and see the One that we
Have heard of all our lives

A voice crying in the wilderness
A voice from the sky loud and clear
A still, small voice deep inside
And a voice still ringing in my ear... saying

Follow Me, Follow Me
And I will show you My Father
Follow Me and you will see
The Heavens opened wide

Come and see, come and see
Come and see this Man from Heaven
Oh, could it be? Could it be
We will see the face of God?

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