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Compilation album by Bob & Tom.
Disc 1
  1. Do The Vag by The Bob & Tom Band
  2. Bob Kevoian Fantasy Camp
  3. My Dad, The Practical Joker by Tommy Johnagin
  4. Ukelele Baby by Bob Kevoian
  5. Houseguest Tips by Donnie Baker
  6. Ask A Guy Hanging Upside Down On A Ski Lift
  7. Sleeping With A Zombie by The Bob & Tom Band
  8. Kenny Gets Cornered by Kenny Tarmac
  9. Mom Pod by Billy Mazing
  10. Snailman by Dick Mango
  11. The New Rock Band
  12. Soloist
  13. Turtles And Whores by Floyd Tucker, feat. Mike & The Rayburns
  14. Shame by Wow
  15. Musings by Costaki Economopolous
  16. Tom Vs. Chick
  17. First Bank Of Tom
  18. Chinchillas And You by Screen Door Productions
  19. Cash For Cougars
  20. New Company Car by Mr. Obvious
  21. Belly Up - The Big House by Sir Charles And Tony
  22. Celebrity Birthdays by Tim Cavanagh
  23. Greg Hahnshot
Disc 2
  1. Girl With A Dirty Mind by Bob Kevoian
  2. Twatter
  3. Attack Of The Weiner Man by Here Come The Mummies
  4. Good Life by Greg Hahn
  5. Tuna Of Opportunity by Heywood Banks
  6. Wiffle Casket by Billy Mazing
  7. Husband #4 by The Bob & Tom Band
  8. Paraknocker Activity
  9. Let Me Put The Tip In by Donnie Baker and The Pork Pistols
  10. Jam Band by Jimmy And Tony
  11. The Snake by Mr. Obvious
  12. Wii Sit
  13. Scarecrows And You by Screen Door Productions
  14. Ponzi Pizza
  15. Bad Piece Of Ass by The Bluegrass Holes
  16. The New TV Detectives
  17. Winning The Lottery by Donnie Baker
  18. Larry King Report '09
  19. Bob Bile Motors by Clunkers
  20. Cruise Ship Security by Bart & Sid
  21. Joe Johnson Health Care
  22. Clinton Library Tour
  23. Inauguration Moment

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