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Whoa Mule (Shine)

This song is by Bo Diddley and appears on the album Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger (1960).

Whoa! Mule

Way down South around the house
You really oughta hear them coons howl
My pappy had a mule, his name was Shine
Used to let the cows out all the time

Whoa! Mule

He'd run down the road and stop and look back
With sweat running all up and down his back
I could get close enough to hang around his neck
Last night our wagon he wrecked

Whoa! Mule
Mule fool

My pappy ran home and got his gun
Ah, you oughta see old Shine run
I could get close enough, you see
Old Shine would never hurt me

Whoa! Mule

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