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Say Man

This song is by Bo Diddley and appears…

-Say man
-What's that boy?
-I want to tell you 'bout your girlfriend
-What about my girl?
-Well, you don't look strong enough to take the message
-I'm strong enough
-I might hurt your feelings
-My feelings are already hurt by being here with you
-Well, I was walking down the street with your girl the other day
-And the wind was blowin' real hard
-Is that right?
-And the wind blew her hair into my face
-You know what else happened?
-What happened?
-The wind blew her hair into her face
-And we went a little further; you wanna hear the rest of it?
-I might as well
-The wind blew her hair into the street

-Ok, since you told me about my girl, I'm gonna tell you about yours. I was walking down the street with your girl
-I took her home, for a drink, you know
-Took her home?
-Yeah, jus' for a drink
-But that chick looked so ugly, she had to sneak up on the glass to get a drink of water
-You've got the nerve to call somebody ugly. Why, you so ugly the stork that brought you in the world oughta be arrested
-That's alright, my momma didn't have to put a sheet on my head so sleep could slip up on me

-Look-a here
-What's that?
-Where are you from?
-South America
-What's that?
-South America
-You don't look like no South American to me
-I'm still from South America
-What part?
-South Texas

-Where are your workin' boots at?
-I've got 'em on
-Those aren't no boots you got on; those broguettes

-Hey, look-a here
-What's that?
-I've bin tryin' to figure out what you is
-I already figured out what you is
-What's that?
-You that thing I throw peanuts at

-Look-a here
-What's that?
-You should be ashamed of yourself
-Calling people ugly
-I didn't call you ugly
-What you say?
-I said you was ruined, that's all
-You know somethin'?
-You look like you've bin whooped with a ugly-stick
-Hey! I ain't got nothin' to do with it, but I beat the fellah right ...


Written by:

Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley)

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