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Not Guilty

This song is by Bo Diddley and appears on the album Bo Diddley Is a Lover (1961).

(Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley, where've you been?)
Around the world and gone again
(Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley, where'd you stay?)
In Philly at night and New Orleans in the day
(Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley, where'd you eat?)
In a little cafe on Rampart Street

(Did you kill a man named Bob?)
To make my baby a Sunday coat
(Is it true you bought her that cat?)
Yes, to make my baby a Sunday hat
(Bo Diddley, why do they call you a man?)
Because I killed him with my bare hand

Now, uh, lookie here, this ah, gonna take about a two bar recess

(Why, Diddley boy, you treat 'em like gold?)
DJ said I got so much sold
(Is it true that the women faint?)
Well some of 'em do and some of 'em cain't
(Why do the women bow at your feet?)
Just to hear me holler "Hey Bo Diddley"
(One more question before you go)
Well, well jury would you like to know?
(Is it true you bought a Cadillac?)
Well, they finally come and took it back

Well this court finds Bo Diddley not guilty
Case dismissed


Written by:

Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley)

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