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Albums: Black Stars of Rock 'N' Roll, Universal Masters Collection, I'm a Man [Charly], Big Box of Berry 'n' Bo, Have Guitar Will Tour, ABC of the Blues: The Ultimate Collection from the Delta to the Big Cities, Keith Richards' Jukebox, The Original Sound of R&B 1960, The Original Sound of R&B 1957, Stone Roots: The Records That Inspired the Rolling Stones

This song is by Bo Diddley (uneditable LyricFind version).

Bo Diddley done had a farm,
On that farm he had some women
Women here, women there,
Women, women, women everywhere
But one little girl lived on a hill,
She rustled and tussled like Buffalo Bill

One day she decided she'd go for a ride,
With a pistol and a sword by her side
She rolled right up to my front door,
Knocked an' knocked 'til her fist got sore

When she turned and walked away,
All I could hear my baby say
Hey Bo Diddley, oh Bo Diddley
Hey Bo Diddley, oh Bo Diddley
Saw my baby run across the field,
Slippin' and slidin' like an automobile

Hollerin', my baby got towed away,
Slipped on from me like a Cadillac-8
Hey Bo Diddley, oh Bo Diddley
Hey Bo Diddley, oh Bo Diddley

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