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I Love You So

This song is by Bo Diddley and appears on the album Have Guitar, Will Travel (1960) and on the compilation album I'm a Man: The Chess Masters, 1955-1958 (2007).

Oh, I, I, I, baby, I love you so
You know, you know, I love you so

All my life I been lovin' you
Sometimes I wonder, baby, what you're gonna do
You told me honey, that our love's unreal
I can't be with you 'cause you won't be filled
You keep tellin' all our closest friends
That you were with me from the very beginnin'
I, I, yeah, I love you so

In the morning, it's all right
In the evening, it's still all right
In the night, it's all right
Where you be, it's still all right
I, I, love you

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