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This song is by Bo Diddley and appears on the album Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger (1960).

Cheyenne rode all day and all through the night
Getting into trouble and then into a fight
Cheyenne got thrown in a local jail
Good ol' Cheyenne was just as tough as a ten-penny nail

And then?

Cheyenne played poker late one night
Some tinhorn came in to join and tried to start a fight
Cheyenne was so sleepy that he could not see
He said 'why don't someone tell this tinhorn to quit messin' around with me?'

And then?

Cheyenne stopped again to get himself a drink
He stood by a bar and began to think
How he was going to ride out of town
He'd ride off across the prairies and put the tinhorn in the ground

And then?
Ain't no more
And then?
Wait a minute, you want to hear about his girlfriend?

Cheyenne had a girlfriend that lived on the edge of town
She got shook up inside when she heard Cheyenne was in town
Cheyenne was going out and mess with the tinhorn
She said 'look out baby don't do me because I ain't going to do you no wrong'

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