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Bo's Vacation

This song is by Bo Diddley and appears on the album Bo Diddley Is a Lover (1961).

-Say Joe
-I heard you're gonna take a vacation
-Yes man, I'm going home
-Going home to see your old lady, huh
-Yeah, how'd you know?
-Well I just, ah, figured so

-You're gonna call and let her know you're coming, ain't ya
-No, I don't need to call my wife and let her know I'm coming home
-Are you a fool?
-You know, you been gone a long time
-Yeah, I know it but I still, uh
-Still don't have to call home
-If I was you I'd call home

-You know I'm goin' on a vacation too
-You is? When, when you leavin'
-I'm leaving in the morning
-Well, I'm leaving the day after you leave
-Yep, don't be in no hurry to get home, you hear

-But if I were you, I'd sure call her
-She might tell you to hold it up for a few days
-Well, I'll see you later, Joe
-Take it easy, man

-Man, I sure wish I could leave here today
-Why you wish you could leave here today?
-Man, old Tim's gone already, he gone on that vacation
-He live about 35 miles from me
-He do?
-I'm going home too
-When you leavin'?
-I'm leaving the day after tomorrow
-Yeah, I heard old Tim gone already

-Well fellas, it's time for me to be checkin' out
-I'll be back in 2 days


Written by:

Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley)

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