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Ice Angel

This song is by Blutengel and appears on the album Demon Kiss (2004).

I close my eyes, wish to sleep
At night, my dear, you look so sweet
Ice angel, why are you so cold?
My ice angel, it doesn´t matter
what you said to me
I feel the coldness of your blood
I see the frozen light inside your eyes

This sun won´t shine for you,
it doesn´t matter what you do
It doesn´t matter what I do

This sun won´t shine for you
and every lie turns back to you
Every lie turns back to me

Fills your body with this coldness,
fills your eyes with crystal deep
Fills my eyes with crystal deep

I see the darkness inside your heart
There´s no place for me to be
There´s no place for you to be

One day, I know,
it breaks my heart
and I will not return,
not return to you, my love
Not return to all this pain,
not return to all your lies
But after all I know,
only my heart will decide

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