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Bullshitter's Lament

This song is by Blues Traveler and appears on the album Save His Soul (1993).

I walked clean through the party
Without a sin put to my name
And then they got to know me
Then all the sins, they came
To fruitions visibility
I suppose them always there
Back when no one knew me
I saw no need to care

But now such luxury is gone
And I've got to do my part
And the faces that I know, know me
Have laid claim to my heart
Like speculated real estate
Their investment should do well
But me I've bought a ticket
An express train straight to well

Well perhaps that is self pity
But I'm remembering a dream
Some damn thing about lost love
How foggy it does seem
So now I wade in muck and mire
And they tell me that it's fun
But all it does for me is make me ask
When will it all be done?

Please don't be mad, I'm sorry
And it's just the way I feel
But it's hard enough to spot the lie
And figure out the real
So I maintain and ply my wares
And have my goods to sell
And say to those who gawk and stare
I'll see you all in hell
I'll see you all in hell

Save me
Save me
I watch you walkin' through the party
To the circus
Come with me
Come with me


Written by:

John Popper

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