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The Trail to Mexico

This song is by Blue Sky Boys and appears on the compilation Songs of Local History & Events (1978) and on the compilation American Roots: A History of American Folk Music (1999).

'Twas all in the merry month of May
When I started for Texas far away
I left my darling girl behind
She said her heart was only mine

When I embraced her in my arms
I thought she had ten thousand charms
Her caresses were soft, her kisses were sweet
Saying, "We will get married next time we meet"

It was in the year of eighty-three
That A.J. Stinson hired me
He says, "Young man, I want you to go
And follow this herd into Mexico"

Well it was early in the year
When I started out to drive those steer
Through sleet and snow, was a lonesome go
As the herd rolled on into Mexico

When I started back to my once loved home
In heart the girl I though of my own
They said she had married a richer life
Therefore, wild cowboy, seek another wife

"Oh curse your gold and your silver too
God pity a girl that won't prove true
I'll travel West where the bullets fly
I'll stay on the trail till the day I die"

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