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Sweet And Somber Pigeon Wings

This song is by Blue October and appears on the album The Answers (1998).

Sweet and somber pigeon wings
Can't we all recall when mama and papa
Were the sweet-toothed Christmas ball
A picturesque holiday family
Yeah of course I was small and I, all I knew was my grandpa
But I really didn't know him at all
I said,

My blood, my cousins, my calvalry
Yeah a piece of them gone but still I feel them strong
When I reach for David cause my Grandpa is gone
I shout out, I got love for the family
Yeah my mother is a doll and my brother can stop any brawl
But um, I pucker up "I'd like to kiss you all"
I said

But open your eyes, a new song cause the family is wrong
So don't lecture me, don't lecture me
But as far as I can see
A stepmom yeah the widow's palm is what's crushing me
And this family

It's beyond my time, yeah it's beyond my time

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