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This song is by Blue Öyster Cult and appears on the album Spectres (1977).

She went down to her house by the water
To hide herself from his grasp
He went down to the water to find her
To consummate their love at last

Then the lightning flashing (lightning flashing, crashing)
Fireworks shooting off in her head (in her head)
The Earth was shaking (Earth shaking, quaking)
Fireworks pouring down on her head (on her head)
Only sound she heard was (sound, lovely word)
Fireworks like a charm (anointed)
Blazing red

She went down to escape from her prison
To free herself from her fear
All those years up to here with tradition
And opportunity so near

She went down on a snow white pillow
To cast herself in the looking glass
He knew the time had finally come now
To break the spell they shared at last

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