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Death Valley Nights

This song is by Blue Öyster Cult and appears on the album Spectres (1977).

Bleached by the Sun
And scorched by the Moon
If I make it till tomorrow noon I'm leaving
'Tween the horror of space
And the terror of time
My heart is crystal, down the line I'm screaming

What I need is a kiss from you, babe
Before it's hangover time
What I need is some love from you, babe
Before this stampede arrives

Desolate landscape
Storybook bliss
My darling let me tell you this, it's crazy
Hell of a memory
Is a heaven of pain
Snow is cold but so is rain, please, save me

Oh, babe (what I need kiss from you, babe)
Before it's hangover time (what I need love from you, babe)
Before this stampede arrives

Babe (what I need, Death Valley nights)
Babe, babe (what I need, Death Valley nights)
Babe (what I need)
I need you (Death Valley nights)
Before I lose my mind

(What I need) I need you (Death Valley nights)
(What I need) to run away (Death Valley nights) get away
(What I need) outer space (Death Valley nights) just run away
(What I need) I need you (Death Valley nights)

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