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Breach Of Lease

This song is by Bloodrock and appears on the album Bloodrock 3 (1971).

Warm and everybody's sleeping
Sacred child kneeled on the wall
Oh, the gods are now preparing
For the feast that waits us all

God's great shadow is the oceans
Child, he'll unleash the tide
Pierced my heart with cast-iron arrows
Let my death be where I hide

Mmm, oh...

The Lord has promised all his children
He was gonna take back his world someday
With fire, plague and famine
Ooh, he was gonna take it all away
Well, it's getting mighty cold...
Where do we go from here?

Listen for the endless thunder
Wait for night to never cease
Man has disobeyed his orders
Man has sorely breached his lease

It's strange, it's strange, so very strange
Where do go from here?

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