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David Song

This song is by Bloodhound Gang.

David look at yourself woops I forgot
You can't see because your eye is not
All in proportion it faces the left side
Comin' from the doctor sayin' you need a glass eye
Oh wait dude don't beat me up
Just because I said you don't have any nuts
And because I said your dog licks your puss
Are you afraid to hit me don't be a wuss
Come at me and I'll hit you in your other eye dawg
You wont be able to see so you'll be trippin' over logs
You'll go to the special class like the other blind dude
I'll leave you walkin' with a stick all around school
Nobody likes you can't you see that
You're just like Malachi but don't smell as bad
And your hair's not as long
But we all know you both fuck your mom
This rhyme is over and it's short too
'Cause I ain't wastin breath on a fuckin' gay dude

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