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Album by Blondie.
  1. Screaming Skin
  2. Forgive and Forget
  3. Maria
  4. No Exit
  5. Double Take
  6. Nothing Is Real But the Girl
  7. Boom Boom in the Zoom Zoom Room
  8. Night Wind Sent
  9. Under the Gun (For Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
  10. Out in the Streets
  11. Happy Dog (For Caggy)
  12. The Dream's Lost on Me
  13. Divine
  14. Dig Up the Conjo
Bonus tracks on North America release
  1. Dreaming (live)
  2. Call Me (live)
  3. Rapture (live)
Bonus tracks on Australia release
  1. Call Me (live)
  2. Rapture (live)
  3. Heart of Glass (live)
Bonus track on Japan release
  1. Hot Shot
Bonus tracks on South Africa release and 2001 UK reissue
  1. Hot Shot
  2. Rapture (live)
  3. Heart of Glass (live)
UK and Germany special edition bonus disc
  1. Call Me (live)
  2. Rapture (live)
  3. Dreaming (live)
  4. Heart of Glass (live)

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