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After 38 Weeks

This song is by Blindead and appears on the album Affliction XXIX II MXMVI (2010).

Muted, distant, unrecognizable sounds...
The city, the people, the kitchen, the bathroom
Places I managed to recognize after several days

But not by smell
I can't smell anything
It feels like I'm not breathing
My sense of taste also ruthlessly vanished somewhere
The last thing I had in my mouth left a metallic aftertaste
But it was ages ago

I see nothing
Gravity is nonexistent
Where the hell am I?
And how did it happen?

Why can't I remember who I am, what I am?
After a minute I realize I don't remember anything
What was yesterday, what's today

I'm suspended in a smudgy, fuzzy, vague...
I'm swallowed, my world shrunk
And keeps getting smaller like it's trying to devour me
Then again I have a strong sense of assured safety

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