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Album by Blank & Jones.
  1. A Forest (Short Cut)
  2. Perfect Silence (Short Cut)
  3. Catch (Radio-Video Mix)
  4. The Nightfly (Short Cut)
  5. Cream (Radio Edit)
  6. Desire (Short Cut)
  7. Mind of the Wonderful (Short Cut)
  8. Somebody (Never Wait)
  9. DJs, Fans & Freaks (D.F.F.) (Radio Cut)
  10. Heartbeat (Video Mix)
  11. Nightclubbing (Wippenberg Remix Short)
  12. The Hardest Heart (Short Cut)
  13. Sound Of Machines (Short Cut)
  14. DJ Culture (New Short Cut)
  15. Sunrise (Radio Mix)
  16. After Love (New Short Cut)
  17. Watching The Waves (Short Cut)
  18. Unknown Treasure (Radio Cut)
  19. Beyond Time (Short Cut)
  20. Flying To The Moon (Radio Mix)
  21. Revealed (Radio Version)
    Bonus Track
  22. The Nightfly (WMC 06 Retouch)

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