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This song is by Blackfield and appears on the album Blackfield V (2017).

Lately, there's no one on your side
It's a shame, it's a shame you lost your magic touch

You feel unhappy, there are shadows more than light
You can't think right, you're losing fights and taking one step back

You're losing grip and bleeding now
All your high hopes fall apart
And you're the one to blame
You try to make it through the night
But the creatures crawl and get you down
There's no getaway

Lately, you're dancing with your lies
No one cares, no one dares to stare you in the eyes

You're thinking maybe it's just a phase you'll pass
As you're standing in this empty hole you call a life

Everywhere I go, all I find is shadows
Everywhere I go, all I find is shadows of me

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