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To Behold the Sky of Flames

This song is by Black Swan and appears on the album When the Angels of Twilight Dance (1998).

Four there were swords, four there were men
All were them clad in one (shadow)
Four pints of blood, four hands together
Four shadows were melt in one

Four there were horses, four there were horsemen
To ride under the mark of the Northstar
One there was spirit, eight there were eyes
To behold the sky of flames

Four there were paths, four directions
For all of them one to take
None were there tears, none were there words
But one was not to return

Four thousand moons are to be burned
Four thousand moons are to be killed
Rain it shall freeze, freeze and fall
Until their paths shall cross again

Under the moon my life slipped out of me
Beneath the stones I lie my eyes opened
Forever they shall stare the northern beauty
Forever they shall behold the sky of flames

Four will there be swords
Four will there be men
Four pints of blood will be bled again
As I join them again
As our bonds are made unbreakable
Together we will ride forever

...To behold the sky of flames

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