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Cheaper to Drink Alone

This song is by Black Stone Cherry and appears on the album Kentucky (2016).

Straight off the plane from California
Knew the minute that I laid eyes on ya
Heart is gonna be as good as gold and
You're the kind that wanted it all

Lit a wild fire in my bed
You took my wallet and you wrecked my head
Drank my bourbon burned my cigarettes
And now I don't feel nothing at all

I could rob a bank and beg her back
Break down and show her where the money's at
That girl loves diamonds and cadillacs
Cheaper to drink
Cheaper to drink

Yes you leave me more than hogrow
High heels and high by the cosmos
Wish it was but it ain't no joke
Cheaper to drink
Cheaper to drink
Cheaper to drink alone

Well I guess I should have seen the warning
But you was everything I ever wanted
Always kept me coming back for more
And god I felt like taking you home

You burn a memory in my head
Like shots of whiskey when they hit your chest
You loved me and let me in the red
And now I don't feel nothing but broke
Yeah broke

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