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Feast of the Hunters' Moon (2010)

Black Prairie - Feast Of The Hunters' Moon

Feast of the Hunters' Moon

  1. Across the Black Prairie
  2. Red Rocking Chair
  3. Back Alley
  4. Ostinato del Caminito
  5. A Prairie Musette
  6. Crooked Little Heart
  7. Annie McGuire
  8. Atrocity at Celilo Falls
  9. Tango Oscuro
  10. Single Mistake
  11. Full Moon in June
  12. Home Made Lemonade
  13. Blackest Crow

A Tear in the Eye Is a Wound in the Heart (2012)

Black Prairie - A Tear in the Eye Is a Wound in the Heart

A Tear in the Eye Is a Wound in the Heart

  1. Ms. Sindell
  2. Rock of Ages
  3. For the Love of John Hartford
  4. Nowhere, Massachusetts
  5. More Jam for Ras
  6. How Do You Ruin Me?
  7. Dirty River Stomp
  8. Evil Leaves
  9. What You Gave
  10. Jump Up John
  11. Winter Wind
  12. Little Song Bird
  13. Taraf
  14. Richard Manuel
  15. 34 Wishes - The Legend Of
  16. Lay Me Down in Tennessee (hidden track)

Wild Ones (2013)

Black Prairie - Wild Ones

Wild Ones

  1. Call of the Wild Ones: A Theme
  2. Chasing Martha
  3. The Upturned Nose of Count Buffoon
  4. A Tranquilized Polar Bear Rising Through an Autumn Sky
  5. Flight of the Forgotten Metalmarks
  6. Dear Sir. Most Sincerely, William Temple Hornaday
  7. Rudi Mattoni in Soup Stage
  8. A Waltz for George and Tex
  9. Joan McIntyre
  10. Dawn Departure, Jefferson County
  11. The Man Who Carried Fish

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Years active:

2007 - present

Band members:

  • Jenny Conlee-Drizos - accordion
  • Chris Funk - slide guitar, dobro
  • Jon Neufeld - guitar, vocals (ex:Dolorean)
  • Nate Query - cello, bass
  • Annalisa Tornfelt - fiddle, vocals



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