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Godspeed Hell Bound

This song is by Black Label Society and appears on the album Order of the Black (2010).

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Decisions that kill and the bullets that fly
Lords of inferno that litter the sky
Shattered cries of the prayers never heard
War of the gods that drown out of words

As the world burns... beneath the ground
As the world burns... Godspeed, Hell bound

The gears that grind shall never be still
The grudge that burns obsessed 'til it kills
Schizophrenic poems of death
Machine ever after that never rests

[Chorus x2]

Crashing, burning, all shall fade
Dead and dying, here to stay
Here to stay... Here to...

Against his maker, no regard for his fall
The winds of the west bow down to his call
Famine and murder, reside from within
The vultures gather devouring sin

[Chorus x2]


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