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The Maharal

This song is by Black Francis and appears on the movie soundtrack The Golem (2010).

Your mother is dead and gone
But I can see the lovely ghost
That's you
And I can hear her walk
Behind you she walks

You take just what you want
And I agree with you, darling
But I want you to know
It's an ugly rock
You're in for a shock

My coat is long and black
Like dreams collapsed with
Things I want but can't get back
I ain't got jack

And all of this for nothing
After all my huffing and puffing
I'm back and forth
And back and forth,
To prove that I am not bluffing

I am the Maharal
I'm deep into the sod
World of emanations
World of creation
World of formation
World of action
And the Sephirot
I am the Maharal
And the road is choked with dust
The blood libels they go on and on
Progroms on my heels
More of these black eels

My throat choked up with lust
She's a memory fading on and on
My wand can't wield
Her from death's field

Another knock on my door
I see the inbred yawn
But I don't fear the fool
I fear his drool

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