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Damaged I

This song is by Black Flag and appears on the album Damaged (1981).

My name is Henry
And you're here with me now

My life
It's a song, dah
It's so you won't even let it happen
You won't, you won't let

Damaged by attacks
I'm evil attacking my mind
But you don't mind because this scheduled thirteen
You just sit, down
Buy the ticket, wait your turn

Can't feel another day
Can't get past you
I can't see nothin'
I'm blind, I'm blind
I'm blind
Hold out your hand to me
Give me your hand
And I'll bite it off


I, I don't even care about self-destruction anymore
What's the use?
I just sit at home alone
Cold fingers, gold fingers, in a cold sweat
And then I remember, I remember a day
We'd go for a ride in the country
And you'd say
"Sing it boy, do it again
Do it again
Yes sir, yes sir
Yes sir, yes sir oh, yes sir, yes sir, yes

Right now look at me now
Look at me now
Just shadows
I'm just shadows of what I was
I just want another thing
I don't even get by for that
I want such ass for


I, I'm sorry my friend, I just, I just can't
Listen everything's gonna be nice
It's nice and cool here where I am
It's nice and dark
It's my mind
It's my mind where it's off guard
And no one comes in, nobody comes in

My damage
No one comes in
Stay out

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